Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I stumbled upon Reading Rewards last week when I was Googling ideas for the creation of a new reading log for this upcoming school year. I thought I'd go ahead and make a new log/system to track students' nightly reading while I had all of this summer break time on my hands. I had planned to start having parents sign their child's log each night to help me better track daily reading homework. While perusing documents, I clicked on Reading Rewards. It seems to be free and really awesome! It is similar to Good Reads, but doesn't require students to imput their own e-mail account. It allows a teacher to set up a class and assign usernames and passwords.

The premise is that students earn one virtual "dollar" for every minute they read. Then, the reward comes from their parent(s). Parents decide on rewards with students and help them set goals. Once students have earned a certain number of "dollars", students can redeem those dollars for their reward. The site allows teachers to add classroom rewards to the online "store" where students can also redeem "dollars" for those rewards as well. The teacher can set a class reading goal for any increment of time as well as see graphs of students' logged minutes. The teacher can also set up e-mail verification, requiring certain or all parents to verify that their child read X-number of minutes each night.

The students, each having their own account, can write a review of the books that they read as they fill up their virtual bookshelf. They can read reviews written by other students in their class or by any of the other students that use that website.

This website goes beyond a paper reading log to making reading social and interactive. It helps build a parent, student, teacher connection too. I hope that our school will allow me to use it!

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