Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3

It was fun to explore Google Earth.  I have not previously used it in my class with my students.  If it isn't blocked, it would be great to use it so that students can analyze the movements of both British and colonial troops during the American Revolutionary War.  I hope that SumoPaint is available at our school because I loved the symmetry tool.  I also like the wealth of royalty free pic sites that were shared with us because I despise having to search for long periods of time looking for different pics or clip art. 

I'm excited to use Tagxedo, again, if it is not blocked, because it is very fun!  While similar to Wordle, it pulls text from websites, blogs, tags, or tweets and puts them into different shapes and themes.  It was suggested that students could use it to tell about themselves at the beginning of the year. One of the ideas from the site was to make a class list.  It would be so cute!

I'm also interested in seeing how students could use to create a guide of some sort to add to a webpage report on a research topic.  

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