Sunday, July 31, 2011


Another find from a Tweet about a LiveBinder has led me to a great website called PicLits. Sign-up for a free account and it gives you access to a gallery of photos and a bank of drag-and-drop words to add a caption to create a poem. There is a "freestyle" option if you would prefer to type in your own words.

The best part is the "Learn It" tab. Under this tab is:
- "Write It", which tells about basic sentences, compound sentences, and paragraphs
- "Rhyme It", which talks about why you would choose to rhyme your poetry (or not)
- and "Master It", which has advanced lesson plans on all manner of figurative language techniques, and different genre of poetry.

Granted, because this site has photos, it will likely be blocked at school, but it is also a great site that students could explore at home and then share on FB or Twitter, save, print or e-mail to share at school.

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