Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

While casually checking my Pinterest page for new recipes, I, of course, can't resist the urge to click on a pin that says "Science and Math Toys" that are made from everyday items. In turn, that linked me to a LiveBinders page created by Karen Bolotin for science fair projects. THAT, then led me to "Notebooking" = total excitement for the interactive note booking part of me. :) Membership access to all of their pages is $80 for the year, but I've spent well more than that at TeachersPayTeachers and in my time spent looking for quality resources and ideas online.

Now, I've got even more incentive to encourage my kids to get pledges for Fun Run Time this year (our school's fundraiser for the year), since I had originally thought I would spend my 10% of monies raised on a membership for Flocabulary. I may have to reconsider and get this membership instead, though my kids did LOVE "5 Things" by Flocabulary.