Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Year in the Books

Wow!  Another year in the books!  It was wonderful not to have to pack up a classroom, now that I'm in the library!  Finished up the 19,000+ book inventory, re-labeled over 125 books that were coming up incorrectly barcoded, inventoried and reorganized the teacher resources closet (Actual space to add more materials!),

and reorganized the reference shelves to, hopefully, make them more usable next year.

I did already see several projects that will need my attention in the fall, such as relabeling our 39 Clues books as a "series" to make them easier to find.  Will also need to re-label some reference book spines, and to try to help categorize the teacher resources mentor texts into usable topics for mini-lessons.  While we did just adopt Lucy Calkins writing materials, and I'm sure we'll be looking at ordering her mentor text suggestions, we can also still utilize the many books we have previously purchased.  I also found some great math and science texts in there too!  I love a good book project!  :)

In addition to some much needed summer vacationing, including a visit to New York's Public Library, and to Florida's Panama City Beach, I am also going to take part in a Google Educator professional development course this summer.  Looking forward to sharing what I learn!