Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mystery Skype

I'm only 9 months behind the times.  While sifting through my newest e-mails on my second day of summer vacation, I clicked on one from The Daily GOOD titled, 'The History and Future of Everything', because it caught my eye.

(I found and purchased a subscription to GOOD waaaay back when it first started.  First place I saw infographics, and man, they've produced some great ones!  My subscription fee went to Room to Read.  Check out GOOD, if you don't currently subscribe!)

Anyway, through that e-mail I found an article "Skype in the Classroom and the Extraordinary Lesson" by Shana Pearlman.  That link led me to "Classrooms in US and Mexico Bond Over Books" by Andrew Schmidt, which in turn led me to "Introducing Mystery Skype:  A Global Game That Makes Learning Fun!" also by Andrew Schmidt.  Lots of good reads.  I did find it interesting that the teacher in the Mystery Skype article works at The School at Columbia University, and their class size is only 14!!!  So, I will have to keep in mind how to manage 30 students on Skype...I've pinned these ideas to my 'Media Center - Teacher Librarian' board so that I don't forget them once school starts back.  :)

p.s.  Yes.  I know that I already broke my resolution to post every other week.  ;)