Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quality Free E-Books

Our school has set its sights on remodeling and reinventing our media center to ensure that it truly is a hub for learning in our school. So, I was quite happy to see a pin on Pinterest to link me to "We Give Books". It is created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation. The premise is that the more students go online to read books, the more books these groups donate to charities that give books to children who need them. When I first checked their webpage, they had given 1,313,246 books to children. By the time I finished writing this post, maybe 5 minutes, it was up to 1,313,311! Wow!
The site has different book events for readers to participate in, such as Hurricane Sandy Relief. For every book read online, We Give Books will donate a new hardcover or paperback book to a school that is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.
The books are quality texts appropriate for children through age ten. Some books are meant to be read-alouds while some are meant to be read independently. There are fiction and non-fiction books. The best thing - it's free! Sign up for an account and get started!

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